About Backgroove Distribution

The whole idea of BackGroove Distribution came when one my favorite record stores asked me where do I get my audio cables and record sleeves for Mill City Sound. They were having issues trying to buy them for their store and wanted to know if I could help them figure it out. So I did try and help them, but as they couldn’t commit to a large enough order, the vendor wouldn’t set them up. Frustrated they ended up doing nothing.

Now most folks would leave it alone and say that is just how they do business. I however saw it as a business opportunity and a chance to do something really crazy and start a distribution business designed to meet the needs of independent record stores. Now being that there are some amazing vinyl & CD vendors such as AMS, Alliance and Ingram. They got that business covered very well. And if you want pipes, posters and lifestyle gifts well there are a lot of great choices out there as well. So we won’t be be doing any of that kind of stuff except for odd BackGroove record reissue every now and then.

Instead we will be focusing on three product categories, record accessories, audio accessories and audio gear. All things that folks coming into a record store look for and need in completing their vinyl and audio sound experience. And unlike most electronics vendors you don’t need to order a whole bunch of stuff but just what you need. Our product selections are based on what I’ve learned in working with audio equipment my whole life and what folks are looking for when they come into a record store. We have partnered with manufacturers that have quality products and are reasonably priced. No we will not be selling high end audio products as there are plenty of great HiFi stores that do that.

Now all of our products will only be sold to independent record stores and everything is under the BackGroove brand. So Amazon and a million other online vendors will not have access to our products. Haven’t we all had enough of folks beating us over the head with a cheaper internet deal? All of our products are priced fairly so you can make some money selling our products and at the same time give your customers a fair deal. 

So stop by the website and give us a try, you just might like what you see. Heck we just might have a few things that you are looking for.